Tech Ladies: a job board and community of women in tech

FairyGodBoss: job and workplace reviews by women, for women (US centric)

Lane: hiring platform for women in tech to find jobs at companies that they vet for focus on diversity and inclusion

Ladies Storm Hackathons (Jobs / Internships): a job board connected to the Ladies Storm Hackathons groups family

Ladies Storm Hackathons: job resources: articles on the process of getting a job.

Furthermore, many of the online communities listed below also post job opportunities.

International groups

Leap: a YC-backed online community for women in tech

Ada's list: mailing list for women in tech - job ads, advice, project support a digital community for women in computing, organisers of Grace Hopper Celebration

Systers Email List: a an email list for women in computing (also associated with Anita Borg)

Google Women Techmakers program

Ada Lovelace Day: events, resources and career listings for women in STEM, started through listing grassroot events celebrating Ada Lovelace Day (second Tuesday of October)

Codefirst: Girls: teaching women to code: courses, events, conferences (live events - London)

Outreachy: Open Source paid internships for people from underrepresented groups

PyLadies: women in Python, international mentorship group helping women become more active in Python community

Ladies Storm Hackathons: closing the gender gap in hackathons

Ladies Storm Hackathons Europe: European branch of Ladies Storm Hackathons

ReigningIt: a community of support for women in STEM

Groups in London, UK the London chapter of

Women Who Code London meetup

London Tech Ladies meetup: a "Lean In" based group

Ladies of Code London meetup

Google Campus London runs Women@Campus breakfasts

Events and awards

Ada Lovelace Day: events held every year on the second Tuesday of October, celebrating women in STEM

Grace Hopper Celebration: the world's largest gathering of women technologists (US event)

London Hopper x 1: Grace Hopper, in London! (2018 event page)

Red Hat Women in Open Source Award

Advice on increasing diversity

Not Applicable: What Your Job Post is Really Saying: how to write job adverts that don't turn off diverse candidates and narrow down your candidate pool, by Coraline Ada Ehmke

Bringing More Women into Open Source from Karen Sandler, article hosted by the Linux Foundation

To Understand Whether Your Company Is Inclusive, Map How Your Employees Interact, article hosted by Harvard Business Review


(Non-affiliate links)

A Woman in Your Own Right: Assertiveness and You by Anne Dickson

Specifically about prejudice at work, and strategies to work around it:

Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg

The Glass Wall: Success strategies for women at work – and businesses that mean business by Sue Unerman and Kathryn Jacob

How Women Decide: What's True, What's Not, and What Strategies Spark the Best Choices by Therese Huston