Assembly Line Pattern: Components

14 April 2019

Assembly Line pattern describes a process transforming a series of similar items. It is very common in functional programming languages. After reading this article, you will be familiar with components of the pattern, and you will be able to identify them in real-life applications. The article constitutes the first part of a series on how to apply the pattern in code, system design, problem analysis, and individual productivity.

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False Economy of Agile

29 March 2019

It's impossible to formulate a replicable set of practices that will make a software developer team effective in the absence of a trained personnel manager. Here's why.

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"Badass" by Kathy Sierra: book notes

9 March 2019

This article collects my notes from a read through of Kathy Sierra's "Badass: Making Users Awesome"

I liked the book a lot, and would highly recommend reading it. There's more information in it than I managed to cover here. It's a great learning tool, since it serves a practical demonstration of some of the methods she describes. Also, it's funny. Get it, read it.

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Code Mesh London: conference review

6 January 2019

Code Mesh describes itself the Alternative Programming Conference, stating its goal as "promoting useful non-mainstream technologies to the software industry."

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F...ancy PHP: lazy evaluation and concurrency

8 November 2018

"F...ancy PHP" series answers a challenge: what features of the more well-regarded languages does PHP already have? What others can it emulate?

In this article I will cover how to use PHP to achieve, or simulate, two other common features of functional languages: lazy evaluation and concurrency.

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