I help startups and small companies scale by taking their POC products from inception to launch. I'm passionate about long-term strategic decision making, increasing performance and excellence of engineering teams through coaching, building the right developer tools, and toil automation.

In my spare time, I volunteer as a coach at ClojureBridge London programming workshops, helping minorities in tech develop universal problem analysis skills through coding in Clojure. My current interests include functional programming (Clojure) and data architecture.

For my CV, follow this link. (Includes CSS for print media: print it and "save as PDF" to convert it to a nicely formatted PDF file.)


(def intro·duction
  {:name     "Jane Olszewska"
   :aka      "3Jane"
   :location {:city    "London"
              :country :GB}
   :profile  {:github    "ir-regular"
              :linkedin  "3Jane"
              :twitter   "_3Jane"
              :instagram "_3Jane_"}
   :employed {:as   "Staff software engineer"
              :at   {:name "Duedil"
                     :size :startup
                     :url  "https://duedil.com"}
              :team :data-access
              :roles #{:data-access
(def intro·spection
  {:tech      #{:php
   :language  [:pl, :en, :jp]
   :favourite {:pet-species :rattus-norvegicus
               :genre       [:lovecraft
               :cuisine     [:jp, :it, :mx]}
   :interest  #{:tech