Jane Olszewska

Staff Software Engineer

+44 20 8123 5169


Staff software engineer. M.Sc. degree in Computer Science. 12 years of experience: data-heavy backend development, system architecture, devops, lead and coaching experience; primarily startups and small companies. Able to take a product from inception to launch.

Volunteer coach at ClojureBridge London programming workshops. Writes a tech blog. Current interests include functional programming (Clojure) and data architecture.



August 2015 – now
Role: backend, data, devops, tech lead
Level: senior - staff
  • Implemented and launched a GraphQL-based data access layer to ensure data consistency across products
  • Deployed an automated integration testing framework, created processes for its use, and trained staff
  • Created the official company testing strategy to give clients assurance of data integrity
  • Researched corporate law in EU member states to increase the value of the business offering
  • Co-ordinated large scale decoupling of services across the organisation, to scale the business and increase its agility
  • Productionised a POC product working to a tight deadline, on a stack with no previous experience
  • Migrated services across cloud providers, and hybrid clouds, to increase business availability
  • Routine upgrades to production apps in order to control tech debt and mitigate security issues
Languages and Standards
PHP 7, SQL, GraphQL,
REST, Python, Java, shell scripting
Libraries and Frameworks
Symfony, Doctrine, Spark, Behat/Mink
PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch
Git, Docker, Marathon, Kubernetes, Helm, Jenkins
Prometheus, Grafana, Graylog, Newrelic
Debugging, profiling,
API design, data modelling,
db query optimisation
Agile (Scrum, Kanban)


December 2009 – August 2015
Role: backend
Level: mid - senior
  • Modernised, modularised and simplified the company's flagship product, a data analysis web application, increasing the speed of feature development
  • Improved application customisation features, which won the company several large contracts that contributed significantly to its growth
  • Coached junior employees in best practices software engineering, helping company scale through developing hires from local universities
PHP 5.6, SQL, Javascript
Libraries and Frameworks
Zend Framework, PHPUnit, Mootools
Ops / CI
Subversion, Git, Jenkins

Nixon Design

November 2007 – December 2009
Role: full stack, sysadmin
Level: mid
  • Developed and delivered a wholesale purchase web store, the largest web project delivered by the company at the time
  • Evaluated and benchmarked a selection of frameworks and ORMs, enabling the company to bid for larger contracts
  • Modernised the company stack, introduced unit testing and CI, increasing code reliability and security
  • Introduced source control, improving disaster recovery
PHP 5, SQL, Javascript
Libraries and Frameworks
Zend Framework, Propel ORM, PHPUnit, jQuery
Ops / CI
Subversion, CruiseControl

Sabre Airline Solutions

October 2005 – October 2007
Role: desktop application developer
Level: junior
  • Contributed to data visualisation components of an airline revenue management application
  • Improved user experience of the application by tuning database query performance
  • Collaborated in a team distributed over two locations: Dallas, TX and Kraków
Java 5, SQL
Libraries and Frameworks
Spring Framework, Hibernate ORM,
Java Swing, JUnit
Subversion, ClearCase, ClearQuest
Db query optimisation,
unit testing, test-driven development,
refactoring, CI/CD,
Agile (Extreme Programming)


M.Sc. in Computer Science

2001 – 2006
AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Poland
  • Specialisation: Software and Database Systems Engineering
  • Electives incl. natural language processing, information extraction, neural networks, evolutionary algorithms, database management systems, realtime systems, parallel programming


Sacrum w Internecie (Religion online)

October 2006
As Katarzyna Olszewska, co-authored with dr Elżbieta Przybył

Świątynie Internetowe (Internet Temples)

November 2005
Published in Studia Religiologica issue # 40/2007
As Katarzyna Olszewska, co-authored with dr Elżbieta Przybył

First presented on a religious studies conference: "Transformacje - New Age w Polsce", 22 November 2005.

Other interests

Improvisational theatre, Toastmasters, translation and languages (Polish, English, Japanese)