I'm an old-style hacker. I admire chaos. I want to tinker and break things. I explore edge cases. I make impossible things work. I enjoy truly dynamic languages which allow me to extend or redefine their syntax.


I'm a scientist. I admire symmetry. I want to know. I study the inner structure of things: schemas, grammars, categorisations. I got into web development out of interest in semantic web. A homoiconic language makes me grin.


(def intro·duction
  {:name     "Jane Olszewska"
   :aka      "3Jane"
   :location {:city    "London"
              :country :GB}
   :profile  {:github    "ir-regular"
              :linkedin  "3Jane"
              :twitter   "_3Jane"
              :instagram "_3Jane_"}
   :employed {:as   "Tech lead"
              :at   {:name "Duedil"
                     :size :startup
                     :url  "https://duedil.com"}
              :team :data-access
              :roles #{:data-access

(def intro·spection
  {:tech      #{:php
   :language  [:pl, :en, :jp]
   :favourite {:pet-species :rattus-norvegicus
               :genre       [:lovecraft
               :cuisine     [:jp, :it, :mx]}
   :interest  #{:tech